Target Groups and Project Area

PadovaFIT Expanded brings together a strong consortium of eight partners coming from four EU Member States. Starting from the existing cooperation of the City of Padova (Italy) with the Romanian City of Timisoara (Romania), the project aims at expanding the business model to this city, benefitting from the work done in Italy and adapting it to the Romanian conditions, being ready to launch a one-stop-shop as well. Then, the Bulgarian Energy Agency of Plovdiv is supporting the cities of Vidin and Smolyan to take on the examples of Timisoara and Padova and prepare an action plan to develop two one-stop-shops in Bulgaria.

To attain the project’s objectives, several target groups will be involved:

  • local and regional governments representing the 4 pilot areas
  • European institutions (EU Commission, European Investment Bank, Managing Authorities of the European Structural and Investment Funds)
  • private sector (including ESCOs), local businesses, cooperatives
  • financing institutions, insurance companies
  • building managers
  • homeowners and tenants

How PadovaFIT Expanded Builds on the Knowledge of PadovaFIT

The project starts from the recent experience of the IEE-funded PadovaFIT project (2013-2017), focused on the energy refurbishment of condominiums in the Padova metropolitan area, which has explored innovative technical and financial solutions.

PadovaFIT has succeeded in engaging citizens and has created an interesting pipeline of potential investment projects, being the first project in Italy trying to become a one-stop-shop for condominiums.

PadovaFIT Expanded starts from the great deal of knowledge and experience produced in the Padova area (engagement actions, trained condominium facilitators, market players involvement, template contracts to be improved, financing products to be better elaborated) and aims at creating and piloting a PadovaFIT one-stop-shop dedicated not only to condominiums but for all private residential buildings.

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