Local energy offices (One Stop Shops): Interactive in-person workshop



How to develop your local energy efficiency, energy poverty and renovation services at local level: obstacles and solutions

PLACE: ZAGREB, CROATIA (Novinarski Dom, Perkovceva ulica 2, Zagreb)

TIME: June 29th, 2022 at 9.30 am

Duration: 1.5 h

Description: Through the workshop, we will explore the best practices on developing energy offices (one-stop shops for renovation) at local level. We want to open the discussion on how to organise your energy office that serves citizens directly; what is needed and how to overcome the most common obstacles and develop successful practices.

Audience: municipalities interested in OSS and their role in alleviating energy poverty

Moderators: MIljenka Kuhar ( DOOR energy center,Zagreb) and Masha Tarle (representing PadovaFIT Expanded project)

Organisers: DOOR and PadovaFIT Expanded project (under the framework of the Energy Poverty Conference under EPAH)

Format : workshop style, with 10 min introduction to the workshop and objectives by moderators

20 min guided discussion in groups on the topic of obstacles to OSS at local level

20 min guided discussions in groups on the topic of possible solutions to the obstacles

40 min of common discussions and how existing projects deal with the challenges ( Projects on OSS such as  PadovaFIT Expanded, Powerpoor, etc.)

NOTE: depending on the number of participants, we might change the format and number of groups.

More information here.

Workshop concept note and description.