Meeting of Italian One Stop Shops in Rome

Forum Compraverde Italy, website photo

On Thursday October 8th from 3 to 4.30 pm  our Italian project partners will host a much needed workshop on One Stop Shops (OSS) for building renovation. The event is organised by Project lead Municipality of Padova and will be held at the Forum Compraverde in Rome.

The workshop will look closely into the OSS for building renovation concept and how these can  accelerate the energy transition in the Italian building sector. It will tackle issues such as : how OSS can motivate and support homeowners to invest in energy efficiency of their buidlings, or which technical and financial solutions may be part of the OSS offer.

The workshop will take the city of Padova as a starting point, since the city is currently developing its OSS. Other Italian local and regional authorities, many with OSS experience e.g Piemonte, Modena, Brescia and Parma, amongst others, are also invited to exchange ideas. Their experiences will be useful to compare and conclude, where the OSS concept is at and  its value for the Italian context.

The objective of the workshop is also to lay the foundation for a national Italian network of OSS for enery renovation in residential buidlings.

The Compraverde Forum is a well known event in Italy and Europe, focused on projects, products and services in the field of green procurement.

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