Second Project Meeting hosted OSS representatives from throughout Europe

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On April 23 2020, the PadovaFIT Expanded project hosted its second project meeting. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in all member countries, the meeting organised by the Municipality of Padova took place online as half-day workshop. After a short welcoming from Project Manager Daniela Luise and Project Coordinator Giovanni Vincentini, Consortium members presented their latest research and contributions to the project, including:

  • An analysis of existing one-stop-shop (OSS) initiatives in EU and beyond, including good and bad practices
  • Mapping of existing engagement tools and schemes in EU and beyond
  • An analysis of existing innovative technical instruments and schemes across the EU  
  • An analysis of households' energy needs in the 4 pilot areas
  • Mapping innovative sustainable financial instruments & schemes across the EU

Please visit our Publications for more detailed information.

Our pilot areas continue to work progressively towards the launch of their OSS. Throughout 2020, the three pilot areas in Italy, Romania and Bulgaria will establish OSS action groups to aggregate regional and local stakeholders potentially interested in being part of the OSS.

The project has furthermore created dissemination materials such as a new logo, a flyer (see here) and internal guidelines on communication and dissemination of project results.

First internal Capacity Building Session

On April 24 2020, our very first internal Capacity Building session took place. Five representatives from One-Stop-Shops in Europe were invited to share insights from their projects with regard to business model, engagement strategy and management of OSS . Through this, the Consortium and especially our three pilot areas gained detailed insights into challenges and opportunities when setting up One-Stop-Shops. Consortium members and invited speakers had a fruitful discussion and have ensured continued cooperation. We would like to especially say thank you to all our guests for this first Capacity Building event including:

  • GNE Finance for the presentation of the EuroPACE project - more
  • Hauts-de-France Pass Renovation - more
  • Modena Energy and Sustainable Development Agency (AESS) - more
  • Superhomes2030 - more
  • Riga Energy Agency - more

We are now looking forward to our next project meeting and capacity building event.