Third Steering Committee Meeting and Capacity Building Event

The project Consortium came together again on December 15, 2020 to discuss progress on the work and answer questions from the Consortium partners. Due to the health situation in all countries, the meeting organised by the Municipality of Padova had to take place online as half-day workshop. After a short welcoming from Project Coordinator Giovanni Vincentini, Consortium members presented their latest research and results to the project, including amongst others:

  • SWOT and Stakeholder analysis with the aim to identify specific barriers and favorable conditions to set up an OSS in the pilot regions;
  • Mapping of households’ financial capacity and risk analysis in the pilot regions;
  • Financial Players' involvement;
  • Report from the pilot regions on the stakeholder engagement process.

Please visit our Publications for more detailed information.

Second Capacity Building Event

Back-to-back with the Steering Committee call the second internal Capacity Building event took place on December 16, 2020. The event was split in two parts:

  • Representatives from the BEreel! project, the Innovate project (OSS in Mantova) and the DeciWatt project presented their OSS approach and answered technical, financial and engagement questions from the Consortium partners.
  • Presentation on the status quo of OSS preparations in the pilot regions of Padova, Timisoara and Vidim/Smolyan and internal discussion on next steps and support through the Consortium partners.

During the second Capacity Building session, important links were made with further existing OSS projects in Europe. This will be especially relevant for the constitution of the National Advisory Boards over the course of the coming months. Furthermore, the internal discussion on progress in the pilot regions was especially useful for the partners from Romania and Bulgaria who are following very closely the developments in Padova and will adapt their approaches accordingly.